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Mark O'Hare retires from saddle

Mark O’Hare announced his retirement at Listowel on Monday afternoon after winning the Kerry Petroleum INH Flat Race aboard the Noel Meade trained Jesse Evans. 

The County Down rider is one of the most successful riders in the Northern region with 248-point winners to his name stretching back to his initial success at Comber in 1999. 

Mark O’Hare is one of the few riders to have ridden a winner in the last four decades.  The only rider to achieve this in more recent times was Liam Lennon, who is now in the training ranks.  

It was his good friend George Stewart who provided him with this important winner when winning aboard Ringneill at Farmacaffley earlier this year.

O’Hare famously completed a six-timer at a points fixture at Taylorstown in April 2007.  He also has a Cheltenham Festival winner to his name when guiding Another Rum to victory in the 2005 National Hunt Chase. 

He was crowned Northern Champion in 2006 and in 2016.  
O’Hare has been associated with many good horses over the years, including guiding Honeysuckle to victory at Dromahane in 2018.  Mark acquired her at the Tattersalls Ireland Derby Sale 2017 for €9,500 which proved to be a bargain buy when she subsequently changed hands for €110,000 the following April at the Goffs Punchestown Sale.

More recently O’Hare has built up a great relationship with Co. Meath trainer Noel Meade, riding multiple winners for Meade over the years, particularly in the last decade. 

Mark is a farrier by trade and is kept busy on a constant basis that leaves him very little time to ride out anywhere else. 

O’Hare gave an interview with RacingTV see below;

His biggest supporters over the years were George Stewart, Jerry Cosgrave, Colin McBratney, Liam Lennon and Warren Ewing just to name a few. 

Below is a list of all Mark’s winners since initial success aboard Cinders Slipper at Comber.
Date                Course Horse Name Handler
07/03/2020 Tyrella BALLELA (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
22/02/2020 Farmacaffley RINGNEILL (IRE) George Stewart
08/12/2019 Tattersalls BIG LEG UP (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
17/11/2019 Tinahely VAL DE FERBET (FR) Andrew McNamara
02/03/2019 Tyrella STEAL THE THUNDER (GB) J.G. Cosgrave
17/02/2019 Punchestown POWER OF PAUSE (IRE) Patrick Eugene Turley
26/01/2019 Tyrella MAGGIE MARGARET (IRE) Andrew Kinirons
09/12/2018 Tattersalls MOUNT IDA (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
26/05/2018 Portrush VAL MOME (FR) J.G. Cosgrave
19/05/2018 Necarne HILLARY JOHN (IRE) B.R. Hamilton
12/05/2018 Loughanmore SHE MITE BITE (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
28/04/2018 Taylorstown EVERYBREATHYOUTAKE (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
28/04/2018 Taylorstown CAPTAIN COOK (GER) C.A. McBratney
22/04/2018 Dromahane HONEYSUCKLE (GB) J.G. Cosgrave
15/04/2018 Bellurgan Park ALRIGHT MARLENE (IRE) Peter J. Flood
10/03/2018 Kirkistown TIN TOWN LIZ (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
10/03/2018 Kirkistown GROUND INVASION (IRE) Warren Ewing
24/02/2018 Farmacaffley CLONDAW FRISBY (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
10/02/2018 Kirkistown BOLD PLAN (IRE) Warren Ewing
10/02/2018 Kirkistown TIN TOWN LIZ (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
26/11/2017 Knockinroe HAWTHORN COTTAGE (IRE) Warren Ewing
18/11/2017 Kirkistown CHOSEN DREAM (IRE) Graham McKeever
28/10/2017 Portrush SHUMAKER (IRE) Karen McNeilly
12/05/2017 Necarne DESIRABLE COURT (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
06/05/2017 Taylorstown MOLLYKING (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
29/04/2017 Broughshane MOVIE THEATRE (GB) Warren Ewing
22/04/2017 Largy BURNS CROSS (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
15/04/2017 Loughanmore CRAIGMOR (IRE) S.R.B. Crawford
15/04/2017 Loughanmore BATTLEOVERDOYEN (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
09/04/2017 Bellurgan Park FREEWHEELIN DYLAN (IRE) Dermot McLoughlin
25/03/2017 Portrush ISN'T SHE LOVELY (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
25/03/2017 Portrush GLENMONA (IRE) Gerald Quinn
18/03/2017 Maralin FREEWHEELIN DYLAN (IRE) Dermot McLoughlin
04/03/2017 Tyrella PATGARY (FR) Graham McKeever
01/03/2017 Farmacaffley FLORIANOPOLIS (IRE) Dermot McLoughlin
11/02/2017 Kirkistown SENDING LOVE (IRE) Warren Ewing
11/02/2017 Kirkistown CANGODEMAYO (GB) J.G. Cosgrave
26/11/2016 Kirkistown NICKEL (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
20/11/2016 Tattersalls ONEOFTHESENIGHTS (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
12/11/2016 Loughbrickland BENATAR (IRE) Karen McNeilly
12/11/2016 Loughbrickland BALLELA MAGIC (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
12/11/2016 Loughbrickland INCITATUM (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
01/10/2016 Toomebridge HAZINOWINGS (IRE) Dermot McLoughlin
21/05/2016 Maralin HAZINOWINGS (IRE) Dermot McLoughlin
21/05/2016 Maralin I'M AN IZZ WIZZ (IRE) Liam Lennon
14/05/2016 Necarne CHAMPIONE (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
13/05/2016 Necarne TULLYHAPPY LASS (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
13/05/2016 Necarne FINAL REMINDER (IRE) Warren Ewing
07/05/2016 Broughshane STEP BACK (IRE) George Stewart
30/04/2016 Taylorstown CLONDAW FRISBY (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
23/04/2016 Largy CASTLE CLYDE (IRE) George Stewart
17/04/2016 Oldcastle WIND AND REIGN (IRE) Mark Cahill
17/04/2016 Oldcastle STEP BACK (IRE) George Stewart
29/03/2016 Loughanmore RAVENHILL (IRE) George Stewart
29/03/2016 Loughanmore MOLLYKING (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
28/03/2016 Loughanmore MYSTIC THEATRE (IRE) C.A. McBratney
12/03/2016 Kirkistown STEP BACK (IRE) George Stewart
12/03/2016 Kirkistown SLEMISH (IRE) George Stewart
12/03/2016 Kirkistown HAYLEY BELLE (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
05/03/2016 Tyrella ISN'T SHE LOVELY (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
05/03/2016 Tyrella CLONDAW FRISBY (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
05/03/2016 Tyrella WHINSTONE DEE (IRE) Eamon McCann
27/02/2016 Farmacaffley SIXTEEN AGAIN (IRE) B.P. Galvin
13/02/2016 Kirkistown CESAR COLLONGES (FR) Warren Ewing
13/02/2016 Kirkistown SLEMISH (IRE) George Stewart
06/02/2016 Tyrella CHAMPAGNE TO GO (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
06/02/2016 Tyrella CLONDAW FRISBY (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
06/12/2015 Tattersalls WALTZ LEGEND (IRE) Liam Lennon
24/10/2015 Loughanmore TICINESE (GB) Graham McKeever
10/10/2015 Toomebridge WHIPCORD (IRE) J.G. Cosgrave
26/09/2015 Toomebridge BENARTY HILL (IRE) Liam Lennon
26/09/2015 Toomebridge SOUTH CIRCLE (IRE) Liam Lennon
31/05/2015 Ballingarry DE DANU'S BACH (IRE) V.C. Ward
23/05/2015 Tralee WITHOUT WINGS (IRE) Liam Lennon
16/05/2015 Necarne WITHOUT WINGS (IRE) Liam Lennon
02/05/2015 Taylorstown WITHOUT WINGS (IRE) Liam Lennon
02/05/2015 Taylorstown HOWWOULDSHENO (IRE) George Stewart
21/03/2015 Maralin OVERTHEEDGE (IRE) Ann Hunter
16/05/2014 Necarne SUBBYS DAUGHTER (IRE) David Eiffe
13/04/2014 Oldcastle TURBINIA (IRE) M.M. Lynch
13/04/2014 Oldcastle LIVELOVELAUGH (IRE) M.J. O'Hare
05/04/2014 Toomebridge SEND FOR PADDY (IRE) Robert D. Armstrong
15/03/2014 Kirkistown WHITSUNDAYS (IRE) M.J. O'Hare
09/03/2014 Lingstown SET LIST (IRE) Ross O'Sullivan
24/05/2013 Tattersalls THORNLEIGH BEN (IRE) George Stewart
04/05/2013 Toomebridge CHURCH BRAY (GB) Colin S. McKeever
13/04/2013 Loughbrickland CHURCH HALL (IRE) Warren Ewing
01/04/2013 Loughanmore LEAHS MELODY (IRE) Mayne Kidd
31/03/2013 Lisronagh SUCKER PUNCH (IRE) M.J. O'Hare
13/10/2012 Maralin KING HELISSIO (IRE) Liam Lennon
19/05/2012 Necarne BEFOREALL (IRE) Warren Ewing
18/05/2012 Necarne BEYOND THE WALL (IRE) Warren Ewing
05/05/2012 Taylorstown THORNLEIGH BEN (IRE) George Stewart
20/04/2012 Largy MA CRANKY (IRE) Robert D. Armstrong
09/04/2012 Loughanmore PRESENCE FELT (IRE) Warren Ewing
10/03/2012 Maralin EDMUND KEAN (IRE) Warren Ewing
10/03/2012 Maralin SEND FOR PADDY (IRE) Robert D. Armstrong
11/02/2012 Kirkistown SHE RANKS ME (IRE) David A. Kiely
11/12/2011 Lingstown NEDZER'S RETURN (IRE) Gordon Elliott
11/12/2011 Lingstown MAE'S CHOICE (IRE) Gordon Elliott
11/12/2011 Lingstown RATHMOYLE HOUSE (IRE) Gordon Elliott
19/11/2011 Kirkistown TAMMYS HILL (IRE) Liam Lennon
29/10/2011 Loughanmore BUTNEY BOY (IRE) C.A. McBratney
23/10/2011 Glenbane EASY VIC (IRE) Claire O'Connell
23/10/2011 Glenbane SEND FOR PADDY (IRE) Graham McKeever
08/10/2011 Taylorstown BATTLEHILL (IRE) Joseph Mervyn Hobson
01/10/2011 Toomebridge SEND FOR PADDY (IRE) Graham McKeever
13/05/2011 Necarne STONE (IRE) Mayne Kidd
13/05/2011 Necarne TAREESH LADY (IRE) Bernard Jones
07/05/2011 Toomebridge CILLISEAL (IRE) James McGurgan
01/05/2011 Tattersalls MALLARDS IN FLIGHT (IRE) Gavin Cromwell
23/04/2011 Maralin ROWDY RAMPAGE (IRE) Liam Lennon
02/04/2011 Kirkistown DANNANCEYS HILL (IRE) Warren Ewing
26/03/2011 Loughbrickland ISHLANA (GB) Eugene McCormack
05/03/2011 Tyrella ROWDY RAMPAGE (IRE) Liam Lennon
16/01/2011 Tinahely SEND FOR PADDY (IRE) Graham McKeever
13/11/2010 Maralin TRENDELENBURG (IRE) Gordon Elliott
07/11/2010 Rockfield HUSHAGOOSE (IRE) Helen Patricia Markham
24/10/2010 Tattersalls BALLYCOLIN (GB) I.A. Duncan
23/10/2010 Loughbrickland FAST GUN (IRE) Bernard Jones
22/05/2010 Toomebridge GLYDING FEATHER (IRE) J. Woods
22/05/2010 Toomebridge MR MONEYSPINNER (IRE) John Bright
14/05/2010 Necarne SUBAROO BLUE (IRE) Dermot McLoughlin
01/05/2010 Taylorstown TANGO FOR NELLIE (GB) James McGurgan
27/03/2010 Loughbrickland VICS CANVAS (IRE) Dermot McLoughlin
13/03/2010 Kirkistown DODGEY DREAM (GB) I.A. Duncan
28/11/2009 Kirkistown WITNESS FOR PADDY (GB) Mayne Kidd
11/10/2009 Tinahely TAMMYS HILL (IRE) Patrick J Smyth
09/05/2009 Toomebridge ISLAND RIVERBRIDGE (IRE) A. McAntee
02/05/2009 Maralin WANTANAMOE BAY (IRE) Paul Joseph Cosgrave
02/05/2009 Maralin FRENCH FASHION (IRE) I.A. Duncan
13/04/2009 Loughanmore EUROHUNTER (IRE) R T J Wilson
28/03/2009 Loughbrickland LEADERS MATE (IRE) George Stewart
08/03/2009 Oldcastle WIGGER'S CROSS (IRE) Patrick Martin
22/11/2008 Loughanmore  HIDDEN PRESENT (IRE) Bernard Jones
08/11/2008 Maralin ZAFFMAN (IRE) I.A. Duncan
11/05/2008 Sligo AREQUIPA (IRE) Aidan Anthony Howard
20/04/2008 Summerhill BURTON PORT (IRE) Colin S. McKeever
23/03/2008 Durrow KIWI GALE (IRE) J.P. Dempsey
09/03/2008 Horse And Jockey IFYOUCOULDSEEMENOW (IRE) Michael Cunningham
02/03/2008 The Pigeons SILVER BROOK (IRE) E. Sheehy
02/03/2008 The Pigeons TARSUS (GB) Miss Clare Judith MacMahon
23/02/2008 Farmacaffley BALLINDERRY PARK (FR) C.A. McBratney
16/02/2008 Kirkistown PENNYBAR (IRE) Miss Clare Judith MacMahon
27/01/2008 Tinahely MISS MUROTO (IRE) Andrew Slattery
17/11/2007 Loughanmore  SERIOUS INTENT (IRE) James McGurgan
20/10/2007 Loughbrickland BALLYHOLLAND (IRE) C.A. McBratney
20/10/2007 Loughbrickland THE GREY LORD (IRE) William Patton
06/10/2007 Taylorstown BALLYHOLLAND (IRE) C.A. McBratney
26/05/2007 Loughanmore  LETUSBEFRAINK (IRE)  
25/05/2007 Loughanmore  RAHOOD (IRE)  
13/05/2007 Sligo ANOTHER CHARMER (IRE)  
13/05/2007 Sligo ANOTHER PRESENT (IRE)  
13/05/2007 Sligo HIGHER GOOD (IRE)  
13/05/2007 Sligo FARMALAND (IRE)  
28/04/2007 Taylorstown KEEVERFIELD (IRE)  
28/04/2007 Taylorstown RALEAGH HALL (IRE)  
28/04/2007 Taylorstown RALEAGH CHOICE (IRE)  
28/04/2007 Taylorstown NORTHERN VIEW (IRE)  
28/04/2007 Taylorstown DREE HILL (IRE)  
28/04/2007 Taylorstown STORMY BOB (IRE)  
22/04/2007 Summerhill HUNTERS PLOY (IRE)  
14/04/2007 Maralin FRENCH FASHION (IRE)  
09/04/2007 Toomebridge BOWFINGER (IRE)  
09/04/2007 Toomebridge JAMIES JOY (IRE)  
31/03/2007 Limavady SCOLBOA MUSIC MAN (IRE)  
04/03/2007 The Pigeons BEAUTIFUL SOUND (IRE)  
03/03/2007 Tyrella DONATI (GB)  
03/03/2007 Tyrella OH JACKIE (IRE)  
18/02/2007 Killaloe BOADEESHA (IRE)  
10/02/2007 Kirkistown TANNERS HALL (IRE)  
27/01/2007 Tyrella FRENCH FASHION (IRE)  
14/01/2007 Tinahely TOW THE LINE (IRE)  
02/12/2006 Maralin NEWBY ABBEY (IRE)  
21/10/2006 Loughanmore SOLDATI (IRE)  
21/10/2006 Loughanmore OLD MONARCH (IRE)  
21/10/2006 Loughanmore FRENCH FASHION (IRE)  
30/09/2006 Taylorstown LOUGH CULLY (IRE)  
27/05/2006 Kirkistown BIJOU BLUE (IRE)  
18/04/2006 Loughanmore BALLYVOGE (IRE)  
17/04/2006 Loughanmore MONA'S OATH (IRE)  
17/04/2006 Loughanmore TAMAYO (IRE)  
09/04/2006 Tallanstown CHU VITT (IRE)  
08/04/2006 Toomebridge PICTURE IN THE SKY (IRE)  
19/03/2006 Oldcastle SHESADOLL (IRE)  
18/03/2006 Maralin FRENCH THYNE (IRE)  
18/03/2006 Maralin GREENLOUGH (IRE)  
12/03/2006 The Pigeons JOHNNEY LATHY (IRE)  
04/03/2006 Tyrella ARCTIC COPPER (IRE)  
25/02/2006 Farmacaffley TOO MUCH TALK (IRE)  
25/02/2006 Farmacaffley FRENCH THYNE (IRE)  
25/02/2006 Farmacaffley BRYANSFORD BELLE (IRE)  
11/02/2006 Loughanmore ALI ANKAH (IRE)  
11/02/2006 Loughanmore JOE BLAKE (IRE)  
05/02/2006 West Curragh-Naul BIG AL (IRE)  
05/02/2006 West Curragh-Naul FALL O' THE HAMMER (IRE)  
28/01/2006 Tyrella TAMAYO (IRE)  
28/01/2006 Tyrella JOE BLAKE (IRE)  
22/01/2006 Tinahely MUSTANG SKELLY (IRE)  
19/11/2005 Maralin MOONCOIN MAN (IRE)  
12/11/2005 Maralin BALLYVOGE (IRE)  
12/11/2005 Maralin ETHANS CHOICE (IRE)  
29/10/2005 Maralin CALOUTEENE (FR)  
22/10/2005 Loughanmore FRENCH THYNE (IRE)  
01/10/2005 Loughbrickland LYN'S RASHAR (IRE)  
06/05/2005 Necarne ROYAL SCANDAL (GB)  
23/04/2005 Maralin HUNCHEON PADDY (IRE)  
23/04/2005 Maralin NATURAL LIGHT (IRE)  
17/04/2005 Tattersalls THEBOYFROMBULAWAYO (IRE)  
17/04/2005 Tattersalls ODDINGTON (IRE)  
09/04/2005 Loughbrickland SECRET PROGRESS (IRE)  
09/04/2005 Loughbrickland REGAL PAGEANT (IRE)  
09/04/2005 Loughbrickland DRINEEVAR (IRE)  
29/03/2005 Loughanmore WONDERKID (GB)  
29/03/2005 Loughanmore HUNCHEON PADDY (IRE)  
28/03/2005 Loughanmore DRINEEVAR (IRE)  
27/03/2005 Durrow DENTINI (IRE)  
20/03/2005 Oldcastle DUNBELL BOY (IRE)  
19/03/2005 Limavady NEWBAY PROP (IRE)  
19/03/2005 Limavady JUST SID (IRE)  
13/03/2005 Lingstown WISHWILLOW MAGIC (IRE)  
05/03/2005 Tyrella SECRET PROGRESS (IRE)  
05/03/2005 Tyrella NATURAL LIGHT (IRE)  
13/02/2005 Wexford HAVE A SHOT (IRE)  
05/12/2004 Ballindenisk LANTERN LIZ (IRE)  
14/11/2004 Dromahane SURPRISE MILLION (IRE)  
30/10/2004 Maralin SECRET PROGRESS (IRE)  
30/10/2004 Maralin SEE YOU THERE (IRE)  
10/10/2004 Ballingarry SURPRISE MILLION (IRE)  
23/05/2004 Ballingarry CAREFUL STAR (IRE)  
25/04/2004 Ballysteen SHOSHONEYLADY (IRE)  
18/04/2004 Dromahane WAS I RIGHT (IRE)  
03/04/2004 Loughbrickland LOVELY NATIVE (IRE)  
02/11/2003 Ballingarry CHANGED TIMES (IRE)  
10/05/2003 Necarne WHADOUNO (IRE)  
26/04/2003 Taylorstown OUR TOY (IRE)  
21/04/2003 Loughanmore WHADOUNO (IRE)  
12/04/2003 Loughbrickland WHADOUNO (IRE)  
30/03/2003 Oldcastle LITTLE DREAMER (IRE)  
15/03/2003 Limavady LORD MONTAGU (IRE)  
15/03/2003 Limavady DOUBLE SCENE (IRE)  
14/03/2003 Tyrella KATY ROSE (IRE)  
26/10/2002 Comber FELIX (IRE)  
04/05/2002 Maralin EBONY REEF (IRE)  
13/10/2001 Maralin ISLAND BRIDGE IT (IRE)  
29/09/2001 Limavady ISLAND BRIDGE IT (IRE)  
10/02/2001 Tyrella WORLD O GOOD (IRE)  
06/04/1999 Comber CINDER'S SLIPPER (IRE)  

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