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The new P2P.ie is here...

Irish Point-to-Point Services has launched a brand new look for its website P2P.ie, the latest development to the website which was first established 16 years ago in 2003.

Alongside the new design and layout to the desktop version of the website, it will for the first time become fully mobile responsive, replacing the previous mobile website, which was introduced in 2016, to display a small number of key pages in mobile format.

P2P.ie continues to be the most comprehensive source of information on Irish point-to-point racing with a database containing form on close to 60,000 horses, ensuring nowhere else offers the same level of information and coverage of the sport.

The new website features a large number of additions, increased site performance to speed up page loading, alongside the new layout, including:


There is a brand new layout for the individual course pages, featuring a whole host of information about the over 70 current tracks.

Each course page features a map of the track layout, a comprehensive track guide, a list of recent fixtures at the track and for the first time, in point-to-points – the view of some of the sport’s top riders on each course.

Barry O’Neill, Ciaran Fennessy, Declan Queally, Derek O’Connor, Jamie Codd, John Barry and Mark O’Hare all describe how they like to ride each course and what type of horse it typically suits.

Members also have access to additional statistics for each course, including on the top riders at the course and on the percentage of winning favourites.


The new fixtures page contains a greater amount of information than was previously available, particularly on courses, following the expansion of that section.

Each calendar month is displayed as a separate page, and within one click on this main fixtures page, you will be able to see the course direction, by hovering over the “Course” button, a one-line description of the course characteristics will appear, you can view news stories relating to that fixture, as well as viewing the fixture on GoP2P.ie for all the details on what to expect at a day at the races at the fixture by clicking the GoP2P logo beneath each fixture.

Clicking the button beneath each fixture, will display the six programmed races for that fixture and if selecting the PS button beside a race, you will be able to activate our interactive Provisional Summary tool.

This will display all fixtures featuring that race, whilst the interactive provisional summary tool can also be activated by selecting a race from the “Race Category” dropdown at the top of the page. You can further filter your matching results be selecting the region that you would like to view the fixtures for.

By clicking the “Fixture Info” button beside a fixture you will also be able to view additional information about the fixture, including the conditions for each race which can be viewed by opening the dropdown beneath each race.


The entries page also has a new easy-to-view layout, with the addition of a days since a horse’s last run also appearing.

For the first time on this page, the handler is now also clickable, whilst a race preview and previous winners section are also new additions for members.

The race preview will appear for members within a short time of the entries being published, alongside the new previous winners section. This will show the winners of similar races at the course, displaying the number of runners/finishers, horse age, previous form entering the race, days since last run prior to the race, handler, rider and starting price.

Members also have access to a number of additional card options, including Breeding, Ratings, Last Rider and a Form Card, whilst all users can continue to view all races on the one easy-to-view page.


Raceday Live continues to be one of the most popular pages on the website, and alongside it’s refreshed layout, users will continue to be able to view fast results and declarations.

were added to the website last year, and these now feature a brand new layout, one that mirrors the entries page.


Members will continue to be able to view many beneficial tools for analyzing point-to-point results, such as our “won since, placed since and run since – not placed” filter, exclusive race analysis, race time and ratings.


The rider index is a brand new page to P2P.ie and was created to assist handlers identify suitable riders for their horses.
All riders that have ridden in point-to-points within the past 12 months are listed in alphabetical order, with icon “N” for novice rider and “5lbs” of claiming riders appearing alongside each rider where applicable.

You can also user the filter at the top of the page, to identify all riders with a 5lb claim, or those that are eligible to ride in a novice rider race. This list is updated weekly on a Friday.


There has been a significant upgrade to the pages of individual handlers and riders.

Each riders page, list their number of winners this season and overall, features a headshot where available, a short biography, and details on their hometown and contact number for handlers look to contact riders.

For riders that do not have this information displaying, please supply your contact number to info@p2p.ie and it will be added to your page.

The riders section also lists their current form, with the 20 most recent riders, their career statistics within point-to-points, news stories that they have featured in, and a gallery of images.

Handlers pages also feature a headshot, where available, and the number of runners and winners that they have had for the current season.

Like the riders page, you can also view their current form, with their 20 most recent runners, their career statistics, news stories that they have been tagged in, whilst members can also few any upcoming entries for any handler, and a full list of the horses that they currently hold a hunter certificate for.


Each of the near 60,000 horses with the P2P.ie database has their own individual form page, listing all of their previous runs, alongside their upcoming entries and news stories that they have been tagged in.

Members can now also add a horse to their horse tracker by clicking on the binoculars icon at the top of the page, view comprehensive pedigree information and sales history, exclusive P2P.ie race analysis, ratings and video replays.


It has never been easier to keep track of all the former Irish point-to-pointers that are competing each day under Rules. The new Daily Pointers section, can be accessed by clicking the green box on the home page, or when on any other of the website, by selecting “Daily Pointers” from within the “News” tab of the menu.

On the Daily Pointers page, you will be able view all the former point-to-pointers that are running under Rules on that particular day, with the list displaying by fixture. As a new addition, each horse’s Last P2P Run displays under their entry making it easier to identify these horses. You will also be able click on them to view their point-to-point form.

In another new addition, there is now a “Yesterday’s Results” page within this section, allowing you to view how each of yesterday’s Irish point-to-point graduates fared on the track.


With a growing interest in the performance of stallions and their off-spring in Irish point-to-points, we have expanded our P2P Stallions section, which features its largest number of national hunt stallions to date.

You will now be able to view key information on each listed stallion, from their YOB, sire, race record, year they were retired to stud, where they currently stand, and latest fee where available.

As a further addition, you will be able to view progeny results for their progeny who have either won or finished placed – with the form lines of each displayed, news stories that they feature in and their pedigree page.

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