Welcome to the Irish Point to Point Video Service.

This is now your one stop shop for DVD's across the country and in conjunction with the video providers around the country we are delighted to offer you this new service.


What this Video Service offers is as follows:

1.   Order any DVD and we will process the order via the appropriate Video Provider to
      send you by post a DVD of the race you require.

2.  Order the complete fixture DVD and we will begin to process the order immediately
     and organise postage to you of the complete fixture you have requested.

3.  ONLINE! If you need a video in a rush for yourself to be sent to a potential
     purchaser - why not let us put it online within hours for you and ensure there is
     no delay in the sale of your horse.
     We will simply load the race to this website and send the link to you and person
     whom you wish to see the race.

     To view a sample race CLICK HERE

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