Track info

County: Limerick

Soil Type: Luvisols - fine, loamy

Fences per circuit: 5

Fences per 3 mile race: 12

Direction: Left-Handed

Course Distance: 1.21m

Elevation Change (Highest to Lowest Point):


A left-handed course, Rathcannon has hosted point-to-point racing since 2008.

Beginning on the long gently curving bend into the home straight, the runners have a long run on the flat before leaving the ground at the opening obstacle, which is one of two fences jumped in the home straight. There is a slight curve after the first fence, as the runners climb steadily on the run to fence two, which is also the last fence on the final circuit. The two fences in this straight are well-spread out with a good run between them and to the winning post, after which the runners take a sharper bend and quickly arrive at fence three.

In total there are two fences jumped along the side of the course, with fence four also coming up along this shorter straight, before the runners make their way into the back straight and begin to race downhill. There is a good run before they reach fence five which comes just after a slight curve in the back straight and begins their run into the bottom bend and their arrival at their starting point once again.


Rathcannon is a fine track that can ride completely different depending on the ground.

When it is good, I think it is a lovely track to ride round and very fair. But when the ground is soft, it takes a lot of getting up the hill.

There is a long home straight, so when the ground is soft or heavy, you really need to take your time when you turn in. Even when you jump the last, you have a good climb to the line.