Track info

County: Cork

Soil Type: Brown Earth - coarse, loamy

Fences per circuit: 5

Fences per 3 mile race: 14

Direction: Left-Handed

Course Distance:

Elevation Change (Highest to Lowest Point):


The ever-popular Killeagh course has a long-standing tradition of holding point-to-point racing and is a big galloping course of over a mile per circuit. The runners start at the top of the home straight and begin an uphill climb on a short straight that brings them into the back.

Fence one comes up quite quickly after the left-handed bend, as the runners continue to climb over the road crossing and on to fence two, the last of the two fences positioned on this section of the course. Once landing out over fence two, the track begins to drop away as the runners begin to descend around the bottom bend on the long run to fence three.

A short straight sits between the two bends which bring the runners from the back straight into the home straight and quickly on to fence three. A total of three fences are jumped on the home straight, the first two of which come up quite close together before the winning post. Fence five is jumped after the parade ring and brings them back to their starting point to complete a lap of Killeagh.


Killeagh is a fantastic viewing track with a natural grandstand, and it draws a huge crowd each year. It is run on some of the driest farmland around, so Killeagh is almost certain to go ahead regardless of the weather.

There is a pull uphill on the back straight before you gradually run downhill to the second-last. The final two fences are very close to the finish and it tends to suit being reasonably handy around here.

Races are usually run at a serous gallop, so the track is a good test of a horses jumping, balance and stamina. The five-year-old maiden is would be a big attraction as it has produced a lot of good horses.