Track info

County: Cork

Soil Type: Luvisols - fine, loamy

Fences per circuit: 5

Fences per 3 mile race: 15

Direction: Left-Handed

Course Distance:

Elevation Change (Highest to Lowest Point):


Introduced in 2014, Ballyarthur has hosted point-to-point racing for both the Killeady and Kilworth & Araglen hunts, and is a galloping course of one-mile in circumference.

Runners previously began alongside the final obstacle and had a stiff uphill climb to the winning line, however a new starting and finishing point were introduced in 2019, that was well received.

The winning post was relocated into what was formerly the back straight, ensuring that after jumping the new second-last fence, the runners race downhill into the home straight where one fence is jumped prior to the winning post, with a nice run-in to the line.

Brewers Project, one of four winners at the venue in March 2018 for Donnchadh Doyle, went on to be sold to Paul Nicholls for 185,000 STG four days later at the Cheltenham Festival.


Ballyarthur is a big galloping course. But it is a tough track and it is important that your horse can travel around there.

It does take a bit of getting, but I think it is a fair track. It helps to have a horse that jumps well, although it wouldn`t be the toughest track to jump around on the circuit and can be ridden very much as you find it.